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Tropical fish is a term commonly used to refer to fish that are kept in heated aquariums. Freshwater tropical fish are more commonly kept than saltwater tropical or marine fish because they are much easier to look after. Saltwater is not commonly available and has to be recreated by using freshwater with sea salt additions. Many fishkeepers create freshwater aquascapes where the focus is on aquatic plants as well as fish. Certain fish can live alongside other creatures with no problems, this is called a community aquarium, where different aquatic creatures can live together. African dwarf frogs, salamanders, plecs, shrimps, clams, crabs, weather loaches and many more are all tropical and may be able to live together. Some  are territorial or aggressive and some larger creatures will eat smaller ones, so keeping the community well balanced isn't straightforward but with some reasearch and patience you can get it right and have a very beautiful habitat to be proud of. It is recommended to start with coldwater first.


Cold-water aquarium fish prefer cooler water temperatures than tropical fish, typically being comfortable around 15°C. Goldfish were often kept in small round bowls with a thin layer of gravel, a bright coloured ornament, and the odd fake plant. In many cases there would be no filtration or aeration and the tap water would be unconditioned. The poor unfortunate goldfish, living in unfiltered and unaerated bowls (often far too small) are in a permanently stressed state, and unsurprisingly will only survive for a few months. This is incredibly cruel, and is unacceptable in this day and age. The lifespan of the common goldfish should be many years, often upwards of 10 years, and not 10 months. Coldwater fish are relatively easy to keep properly and they are obviously very rewarding and great to watch. Aquariums can have a real wow factor if set up right. With the correct equipment you can have a safe, healthy and happy environment for cold-water fish. Ask in store for more details about our aquariums, accessories, food and ornaments.

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  Tropical Fish

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