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Turtles are omnivores and need a varied diet. Commercial turtle foods are not entirely sufficient and they should be supplemented with raw food such as raw fish, insects, worms and aquatic plants. Even people who don’t normally like reptiles are attracted to turtles and they are very popular. The tanks or terrariums are normally 10 gallons in size at first but eventually you may need upto 20 gallons as the turtle grows or if you want to keep multiple turtles then the more gallons the better. They also need to have regular exposure to UV light in order to manufacture Vitamin D to prevent bone diseases.  Water filtration is an extremely important requirement, as is an artificial heat source and ideally they should be kept at a constant ambient temperature. It seems like a lot of work and effort, but turtles can make excellent, rewarding pets given the right care and attention. Some species of turtles can live for more than 50 years. 

Most children don't have the ability or inclination to provide the necessary level of hygiene and cleaning that a turtle requires. Turtles are not actually a good choice of pet for young kids to be honest. Turtles can harbour salmonella bacteria which is easily transmitted to children through handling and can cause serious illness.

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